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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid established guidance for hospitals to make available a list of their standard charges online. Community Hospital of Anaconda supports health care pricing transparency and tools that help patients and consumers evaluate what care is best for them and any related financial costs. Due to the widespread variation in health insurance coverage, it is difficult for facilities to provide specific out of pocket cost information to a patient without access to very detailed information about a patient’s health insurance coverage. For information that would help you estimate the cost of your care or the amount you might owe for your care, please contact our Patient Access/Financial Assistance Department at 406-563-8552. Estimates are based on information provided by a prospective patient and do not include, among other things, additional tests or procedures, etc which may increase the charges related to the services provided.

Click here for Price Transparency Estimates and Shoppable Services. Please note this estimate is a good faith estimate for hospital facility charges only. Professional fees for Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Radiologist, etc. are billed separately and not included in this estimate. Click here to learn more about your right to a Good Faith Estimate. Click here to learn more about your rights and protections against surprise medical bills.

All price estimates are merely an estimate and should not be considered an actual price quote. Actual charges on the final bill may vary based on medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, and recommended treatment ordered by the physician.

If insurance coverage was provided to us to obtain a patient out of pocket estimate, the estimate is then based on benefits provided by the insurance company and any changes or inaccuracies could result in a difference in actual out of pocket amounts. It is recommended you contact your health insurance company to verify that the selected hospital is in network for the services to be provided, as out of network benefits may result in higher out of pocket costs.

If the balance owing creates a financial hardship, please contact our Patient Access/Financial Assistance Department at 406-563-8552.

This estimate is based on the services you have selected. These may or may not be the services your provider orders and/or performs on your behalf.

Price Transparency Machine Readable Files

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