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Licensed Clinical Social Worker
This behavioral health clinician will provide substance use and mental health screening, brief intervention, brief therapy/psychotherapy, and referral to services for patients at Community Hospital of Anaconda Clinics and Southwest Montana Clinic.

The clinician will work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including physicians, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, nurses, front office staff, and off-site behavioral health staff. This role will involve working to support behavioral health integration into the Community Hospital of Anaconda Clinics and Southwest Montana Clinic current primary care model, and evaluation of integration efforts. Specifically, the Clinician will assess patients’ behavioral health/substance use needs through screening, deliver brief motivationally informed interventions to promote healthy behavior change, offer time-limited skills-based psychotherapy for patients in need of additional support in changing their substance use behavior and/or coping with other mental health concerns, and connect patients who need a higher level of behavioral health care with local facilities for further treatment.

Responsibilities include performing necessary functions of the integrated care position including screening, brief intervention, brief treatment, and referral to treatment in accordance with clinic guidelines, protocols, and standing orders; collaborate with other medical and behavioral health professionals to develop, implement, audit, and modify procedures and services for behavioral health; facilitate screenings of all eligible medical patients; deliver brief intervention and brief therapy for medical patients including, but not limited to, utilizing motivational interviewing and behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques in standard therapy appointment slots; complete ongoing assessments and communication with patients on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly level; complete referrals for higher levels of care to behavioral health centers/providers and track responses to referrals; ensure all patient records, charts, and related documentation is current and consistent with grant requirements; facilitate and coordinate data collection and transmission efforts in conjunction with CHA project team. Assists in compilation of data and patient outcomes as requested.

This is a full time position, working in both Anaconda and Butte. CHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Day

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Amber Benes - HR Director

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