Social Services

It may sound strange, but discharge planning begins at the time of admission. The doctors, nursing staff and therapists want to make certain you have a safe discharge plan in place prior to your leaving the hospital. They may talk with you regarding how you had been managing at home and/or any changes in your condition that may require some change in your prior living arrangements. If so, any of the above staff may make a referral to the social worker to meet with you and your family, as you permit, to discuss your situation an provide you with information about services available for after discharge.

The social worker may only need to see you once, or may continue to follow you over the course of your hospitalization to assist you in making safe plans for your dicharge. If you or your family have any concerns regarding how you were managing at home prior to your admission or concerns regarding how you will manage when you return home, please ask your nurse to contact the social worker or call 563-8670 to request social work services.

Monday through Friday varied times between 8:30AM and 5:00PM.

The social worker at the hospital is available to:

Assist patients in planning for their discharge

Provide information regarding community resources

Referrals, as necessary to private hire home care agencies

Referrals to skilled home health agencies

Assist in tranfers to a swing bed, area nursing home or assisted living facility

Coordinate patient/family/staff care conferences

Provide information about Living Wills/Advance Directives or Organ Donation

Provide emotional support during your hospital stay


Community Hospital of Anaconda


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